Apr 24, 2018

The struggle to ‘explain’ the Toronto attack

We humans are a curious species (in both senses of the word ‘curious’). The foremost question on our minds is always Why?  Why is the sky blue?  Why do the seasons change?  Why can’t a Canadian team win the Stanley Cup?  Why? Why? WHY? Our insatiable need to know extends to tragic events, such as […]

Apr 24, 2018

Why it is important to reserve judgment on the Toronto ‘attack’

It is a little past 7 PM on Monday, April 23 as I pen this op-ed in Ottawa.  A little more than 5 hours ago a rented van appeared to jump a curb and run down pedestrians near the corner of Finch and Yonge streets in North Toronto.  A man is in custody following an […]

Apr 23, 2018

The cutting edge of unstoppable terrorism

This piece appeared in the April 23 edition of The Hill Times In a very funny Monty Python skit John Cleese plays a drill sergeant who is trying to teach a bunch of skinny recruits to defend themselves against foes wielding fresh fruit (oranges, apples, grapefruit, pomegranates….)  with typical hilarious results.  Cleese gets the underwear-clad […]

Apr 21, 2018

A journalist’s responsibility to help counter terrorism forces

I have a confession to make.  I am a huge New York Times fan.  I have read it religiously for decades and even in my retirement I buy a copy that a downtown Ottawa news seller sets aside for me on a daily basis (thanks Comerford Cigar Store!).  No one source is exhaustive or 100% […]