Sep 20, 2018

What’s with Islamophobia in Quebec?

This piece appeared in The Hill Times on September 10, 2018 “Islam should be banned like we ban pit bulls”.  You read that right.  This was a Twitter post by an erstwhile candidate for the Parti Quebecois in the upcoming Quebec election.  Suffice to say he is no longer on the PQ slate.  But let […]

Sep 20, 2018

Terrorism was down in 2017. That’s good. Right? Yes, but…

A very interesting report was just issued by the START center of excellence on terrorism at the University of Maryland on violent extremist trends in 2017.  It is worth a read.  Here are some good news highlights: The total number of terrorist attacks worldwide in 2017 decreased by 23 percent and total deaths due to […]

Sep 18, 2018

Isn’t propaganda great? But it can be misleading.

Branding is important.  Companies spend tens of millions on advertising campaigns to get people to recognise them and buy their products.  Even as a one-man band I know how crucial it is to get the name of my consulting firm, Borealis, out there so that potential clients find out about me, what I can provide […]

Sep 16, 2018

When fighting the good fight gets you a jail sentence for terrorism

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘mercenary’?  My guess is nothing good.  Mercenaries tend to evoke images of men who fight for all the wrong reasons – lucre/money, a need to be active, perhaps a love for violence.  They certainly do not have a great reputation, at […]